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Reyna Calvillo - Administrative Assistant

Reyna Calvillo is a Mexican-American actress who grew up in a border town in Arizona.  To learn English, she would watch TV and movies and rewind them repeatedly until she could mimic the lines of the characters. 


After obtaining a full-ride scholarship, Reyna moved to Los Angeles and received a BA in Film Production from CSUN.  Before switching to being in front of the camera, she worked behind the scenes on notable TV shows for great companies, including HBO and Warner Brothers.   


When she’s not acting, Reyna enjoys traveling, photography, eating great sushi, and collecting more books than she has time to read!  She’s excited to help bring the arts to everyone who’d like to learn and will happily preach about its incredible and life-changing power.

Dennis Gonzalez

Dennis Gonzalez - Youth Acting Instructor - PLP

Meet Dennis, a Theatre Major who has showcased his talent in various shows with LAMC Theatre (Los Angeles Mission College). Some of his notable performances include Culture Clash's Chavez Revine, Dead Man’s Cellphone, and a Lead Role in She Who Was No More. 


Dennis was even recognized for his acting prowess, as he was nominated for an Irene Ryan Acting Award for his outstanding performance in Mr.Grieves & The Vampires. Aside from theatre, he also dabbles in voice-over and film work. Recently, he starred as the lead in a web series called High School Never Ends. 


Dennis is set to compete at the Kenndy Center American College Theatre Festival later this year. It's worth noting that he also studied Culinary Arts at Los Angeles Mission College.


Jeremy Tardy - Youth Acting Instructor - Tamarisk

Jeremy Tardy is an actor, director, and musician from Milwaukee, WI. Jeremy started working with First Stage Children's Theater, where he performed in several plays and musicals, making a name for himself in the Milwaukee area. Jeremy studied in Oxford, England, at the British American Dramatic Academy. He received his BFA in Drama at The Juilliard School. Now residing in Los Angeles, he enjoys a career with TV/Film credits, including Paramount Network's "68 Whiskey", HBO’s “Ballers,” Netflix’s “Dear White People,” “The Mindy Project,” “10 Days in the Valley”, “Castle”; KALAHARI, VOODOO MACBETH, WAR DOGS, and more.


Jeremy now serves on the board of directors of First Stage Children’s Theater and CLIMB USA, a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster economic empowerment in underserved communities. Jeremy believes that financial literacy and education are key components for empowerment and liberation in America. As an artist and activist, Jeremy has worked with the NAACP and ACLU, and he strives to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Ben Goins

Ben I. Goins - Sketching and Drawing

Ben has been immersed in the world of art for most of his life. He believes that art is an integral part of life, a means of perceiving, living, and exploring one's surroundings. To him, art is like the wind and the ripples in water, the beams of light. Since he was very young, he has enjoyed painting, drawing, dancing, and entertaining. His love for art, however, stems from his fascination with the unknown and his drive to explore it. Art is his way of examining his mind and gaining insight into his understanding of it.


Ben is a prodigious painter who has been honing his craft for 14 years. His education has been shaped by exceptional teachers who have influenced his work, and he is a direct product of the art teachers at Laity. He is presently enrolled at Antelope Valley College, continuing to expand his skill set and knowledge. His aspiration is to teach, following the same approach that he has been taught, by assisting each student in exploring their own creativity through studying works of the masters and encouraging students to pursue their imaginations.


Ben's artistry encompasses drawing, sketching, and a passion for oils. He has created numerous oil-based pieces and acrylic-based paintings, always striving to enhance his skills and knowledge of his tools. Ben has always enjoyed teaching others and recognizes the significance of art in young people's lives.


Ariana Tejeda - Sketching, Painting, Pastels & Watercolors Grades 1 - 3

Ariana has had a passion for art her entire life. Even as a child, she could often be found sketching in her notebooks, and this passion only grew stronger as she got older. Her dream has always been to inspire and teach others through her love of creative expression.


Throughout her career, Ariana has taught numerous art classes and workshops and has participated in various exhibitions alongside members of her community from all walks of life. She holds an Associate's degree in both Art History and Business and has experience working with a variety of mediums such as watercolor, acrylics, oils, and digital art. 


In her free time, Ariana enjoys creating jewelry, sewing, exploring fashion trends, and making digital illustrations. She often uses her artistic talents to raise awareness for important causes and promote wellness within her community.

Anaid Gutierrez Cruz_edited.jpg

Anaid Gutierrez Cruz - Sketching, Painting, Pastels & Watercolors Grades 4 - 8

Anaid was born and raised in Mexico City. She has been passionate about the arts since she was a little child. She always knew what my calling was and took fine art classes starting at 11 years old. She continued her artistic career, obtaining associate's and bachelor’s degrees. She has done thousands of paintings and drawings and worked in theater, including set design, costume design, and makeup.  She moved to the United States in 2013 and continued her artistic journey, where she learned special effects makeup and worked on outstanding productions as a makeup artist and an art designer. 


She has been extremely fortunate to share her talents in art, theater, opera, dance, and film. 

Being so passionate about what she does has brought her to unique places and to know wonderful people. Another area that she has been lucky to experience is teaching; She has been an art instructor for 8 years now. "It is a gift to share my experience and knowledge with upcoming artists."

Aaron 2022.jpg

Aaron J. Goins - Animation & Character Design

Aaron Goins is a dedicated artist and animator renowned for his expertise in the realm of 2D animation and visual effects. With an illustrious educational background that includes 4 years of honing his craft at the Art Institute of California, Aaron's creative journey has been marked by a deep passion for bringing imagination to life. Beyond his exceptional artistic prowess, Aaron's multifaceted talents extend to music production and game development within the dynamic world of Fortnite.

With an unwavering commitment to nurturing young artistic minds, Aaron has spent over 6 years imparting his knowledge to children ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade. His innate ability to teach the fundamentals of art and animation has left an indelible mark on the next generation of creators. As a beacon of inspiration, Aaron's journey exemplifies the fusion of artistic innovation and pedagogical excellence that LAITY, the premier private art school specializing in nurturing young talents from K-12, seeks to provide to its students.

David Reyes

David Reyes - Media Arts & Animation

David has always had a passion for art and animation since he was young. When he was just a kid, he would write long journal entries accompanied by illustrations that would tell stories.


As he grew older, he pursued his passion by attending the Art Institute in San Diego and studying media arts and animation. During his time in school, he quickly learned popular programs and began tutoring students in Maya and 3d studio max. David was also fortunate to work as a caricature artist at Sea World, where he gained more insight and learned from many talented artists how to draw in a live, public setting.


After graduating, David gained more experience by freelancing as a 3d artist and drawing caricatures at company events, birthdays, and other theme parks such as Universal Studios and Six Flags Magic Mountain. He has also traveled throughout the United States, drawing caricatures at comic conventions. Recently, David has been excited to teach at the Laity Institute of the Arts.

Jayna Goins2023_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Jayna E. Goins - Dance 3 - 4

Meet Jayna, a creative professional with a diverse set of skills, including choreography, show production, and styling. She has undergone training with renowned institutions such as Alvin Alley Dance Company, Debbie Allen Dance Academy, and Millennium Dance Complex, among others, for over 15 years.


Jayna is known for her unique approach to creative projects and choreography, having curated numerous winter and spring productions for Laity and other major commercial productions in Los Angeles. She has also been teaching children how to dance for more than a decade and founded Laity's core dance team, "The Pandas," in 2017, inspiring and mentoring many Laity students along the way.


As a partner at First Flame Marketing, a marketing company dedicated to promoting and expanding businesses' social media presence and engagement through platforms like Instagram, Yelp, and TikTok, Jayna has collaborated with various artists, photographers, and models, honing her business acumen. She possesses extensive knowledge of the evolving social media industry and has helped boost the revenue of renowned restaurants such as Wokcano, Lotus Dim Sum House, and Han Korean BBQ.


Currently, Jayna is expanding her creative enterprise business, Eleimon, by collaborating with established startups and small businesses across California. Her ultimate goal is to open a flex space facility that caters explicitly to the needs of creatives, helping the arts community thrive and flourish in the coming years.


Eryck Limas - Dance 5 - 8

At the young age of 12, Eryck found his love for dance and began taking classes at various studios. He was taught by many skilled teachers and professors who influenced his technique and helped him grow as a dancer. Specifically, Stephanie Powell and Tiffany Billing played a significant role in his development. Eryck's passion for entertainment truly blossomed through the connection he had with his teachers.

Over time, Eryck's commitment to dance only grew stronger. He performed at numerous venues, including the Long Performing Arts, Disneyland Resorts, and Universal Studios. His versatility in ballet, modern, jazz, and hip-hop made him a standout performer. Additionally, he expanded his repertoire by learning cultural dances like Afro-Cuban, Folklorico, and the waltz.

Eryck's passion for entertainment extends beyond performing. He loves teaching and sharing his creativity with others. He has taught in various school districts throughout California, as well as at dance studios and master classes for children of all ages. As a director, choreographer, stage manager, and sound, Eryck uses his time and dedication to help children discover the joy and passion in entertainment.

Mandy Hong

Mandy Hong - Piano & Theory

Meet Mandy Hong, a talented Contemporary Pop/Jazz singer and keyboard player. Born in Beijing, China, she began playing classical piano at the tender age of four. At 18, Mandy discovered Jazz piano while attending The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City, where she studied under some of the best-known Jazz educators. She has worked with designers and artists to compose music for fashion runways, animations, and independent films. 


Mandy began her professional music training at six years old in one of China's most prestigious choirs. She toured the world, lending her vocals to commercials and theme songs for movies, including the choir part in the theme song for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Last year, Mandy completed her Jazz Master's Degree at the esteemed California Institute of the Arts.

Nic Lacovetti

Nic Iacovetti - Piano & Theory

Meet Nic Iacovetti, a professional musician, artist, and educator who grew up surrounded by music, art, and theater. With gifted parents who were an opera conductor and a classical violinist, Nic's musical experience spans from classical to contemporary works, with a deep love for jazz and classical music. He began studying cello at seven and has been playing piano professionally for over 40 years. 


Nic has directed music for multiple live productions, and composed scores for live stunt shows, computer games, commercials, and television shows aired on Netflix and the CW Network. He has also worked as a studio artist and illustrator for major companies in the entertainment industry. Nic has taught music and art classes at schools throughout the Los Angeles area, where he enjoys equipping students with strong foundational skills and helping them build on those foundations to create works in a range of genres.



Aaron Goins
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