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Helping Your Child Learn

By Alyssa Strickland

Parenting is one of the most challenging and important jobs that exist. Raising your child with enough guidance, support, and opportunities to grow, explore, and have fun can be a balancing act. It all comes down to helping them learn: if you help your child learn to learn, they’ll have one of the best possible tools as they navigate life. Today, Laity Institute of the Arts shares some tips and resources to make it happen.

Establish Your Priorities

Whether you’re co-parenting with a partner or as a single parent, life can easily become overbooked, so it’s important to consider what your priorities are and establish your schedule accordingly.

  • Creating daily rituals, such as breakfast together, after-school snacks, or bedtime activities with your kids can help them feel bonded and secure.

  • Write down your schedule, and put time with your kids on it.

  • Remember you’re teaching values with the choices you make. Your child learns more from observing you than from the words you say.

  • Keep your family safe by checking reviews from the experts at Safe Smart Family before buying new products.

  • Make sure that there are times when your child has your undivided attention.

  • Don’t forget to give yourself some attention, too – whether that’s giving yourself some quiet time or investing in a comfortable wardrobe, including comfortable delivery and labor gowns.

Stress the Importance of Learning

Learning activities can be tailored for children of every age.

Support your Child’s Interests, Efforts, and Activities

Part of encouraging your child is showing that you think their opinions, preferences, and choices are important.

Parenting brings different challenges at each age and level of development. Nobody and no situation is perfect, but establishing priorities and values will help guide your decision-making and keep you on track with raising and educating your children.

Laity Institute of the Arts specializes in direct, meaningful instruction and confidence building through the visual and performing arts as supplemental education for children after school. Call 888.732.6092.

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