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LEAP Kids Dancing

Laity Arts is a vibrant community that embraces and celebrates its students' diverse gifts, passions, and intelligence. We firmly believe that every individual possesses an innate desire for self-expression and connection, and we value the unique aptitudes, goals, and purposes that each student brings to the table.

Within our community, we foster an environment where students can cultivate empathy, collaboration, and artistic excellence as they pursue their chosen artistic disciplines. Whether their passion lies in Acting, Visual Art, Animation, Dance, or Music, Laity Arts provides a nurturing space where students can explore, learn, and flourish.

Our Acting Program is designed to inspire and empower aspiring actors, offering rigorous training, dynamic performances, and opportunities for personal growth. Through a comprehensive curriculum led by experienced faculty and supported by talented guest mentors, students are encouraged to follow their curiosity, push their boundaries, and develop their God-given talents.

The Animation Program at Laity Arts immerses students in the exciting world of digital artistry. With a focus on character design, storytelling, and cutting-edge animation techniques, students learn to bring their imagination to life through computer-generated imagery. They are guided by accomplished faculty and industry professionals, gaining the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this rapidly evolving field.

In the Art Program, students embark on a creative journey where they can unlock their artistic potential through various mediums, techniques, and artistic styles. Our dedicated instructors provide guidance and mentorship as students explore their unique creative voices, developing drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media skills.

Our Dance Program celebrates movement, expression, and the joy of dance. Students receive comprehensive training from classical ballet to contemporary styles, refine their technique, and engage in captivating performances. They are encouraged to embrace their individuality while developing grace, strength, and artistry under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Lastly, our Music program provides a platform for musicians to cultivate their musical talents and expand their horizons. Students receive comprehensive instruction in music theory, composition, and performance through instrumental or vocal lessons. They are encouraged to explore various genres and styles, empowering them to become skilled and versatile musicians.

At Laity Arts, we understand the profound impact a rigorous arts education can have on nurturing God-given gifts and shaping bright futures. Our award-winning arts programs, led by accomplished faculty and supported by passionate mentors, offer students the resources and support they need to thrive, fostering a deep appreciation for the arts and preparing them for successful and fulfilling artistic careers. Join us and discover how the power of arts education can unlock your child's true potential.

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