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Art Dept.
Administration Arms


Mr. James A. Goins, BA, EMBA

Executive Director


Mrs. Delayna E. Goins, BA, MBA

Artistic Director

Ms. Reyna Calvillo, BA

Administrative Assistant

Laity Arts Art Department

Art Department


Mr. Aaron Goins
2D/3D Animation, Storyboarding, Character Design


Mr. David Reyes, BFA
2D/3D Animation, Storyboarding,


Art 1 Grades 1 - 3

Ariana Tejeda

Deep Sparkle Curriculum, Pastels, Watercolors, & Charcoals

Art 2 Grades 4 - 8

Barbara Silvestre, BA

Pastels, Watercolors, & Charcoals

Art 3 Grades 5 & Up

Mr. Ben-Jacob Goins

Drawing, Sketching, Character Development

Laity Arts Dance Department

Dance Department

Jayna E. Goins

Ballet & Hip Hop Instructor

Eryck Limas

Ballet, Hip Hop & Modern Instructor

Laity Arts Drama Department

Drama Department

Dennis Gonzalez

Youth Acting Instructor - PLP 4 - 8

Jeremy Tardy

Youth Acting Instructor - Tamarisk 3 - 5

Laity Arts Music Department

Music Department

Mr. Nic Iacovetti

Piano & Theory

Ms. Mandy Hong, BFA, MFA
Classical/Jazz Piano & Theory

Drama Dept.
Music Dept.
Dance Dept.
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