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Would you like to improve the lives of children through the arts with us? Then join us!

Do you love the arts? Do you love Education? Would you like to teach with us? If you answered 'yes' to those three questions, we would much like to talk with you. Laity Arts always seeks innovative, bright, energetic, creative, and intelligent people. People who see an opportunity to improve the lives of others and themselves. People who are self-starters and can think outside the box.

If you have the desire to share your craft in Acting, Art, Dance, Animation, or Music and the description above matches your core values and self-image, please submit your CV/Resume and schedule an interview time. Submitting a resume is acceptable; however, you must still fill out an application. We're only accepting applications at this time.



Other Requirements:

  • Valid California driver’s license with proof of adequate insurance coverage.

  • Résumé | CV (Your resume should reflect that you have extensive experience in the area you are applying for. )

  • 2 Letters of Recommendation (Must be within five years of service and signed by the actual person along with email and phone number.)

  • Background Check - You will be required to get fingerprinted. Laity will provide you with the forms and pay for the check.

In the last 34 years, LIA has partnered with world-class artists, outstanding local talent, and visionary educators to create a unique collaborative working environment.  If you desire to work with focused, passionate people, then you should give us a look because we're eagerly looking for someone like you!



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