Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

To creatively infuse the minds of students with the skills, confidence, and motivation that Art, Animation, Drama, Fine Art, and Music cultivates, for a lifetime of achievement and a Passion for the Arts!


Our Philosophy


  • The Arts are meant to be the ultimate expression of communication between Mankind and ultimately between their Creator. That Mankind does not think only in words, but in symbols and pictures as well. Those words, symbols and pictures then become ideas, and those ideas are what we try to manifest and communicate externally with our hands, speech and actions.



  • Positive change can be achieved by seeking to understand and help mold and build the proper tools of our words, symbols and pictures. That we then can further help to translate those concepts into creative, positive, well throughout ideas and innovations which serves not only the artist but the whole of mankind.



  • All areas of human endeavor will benefit from a learned discipline in the arts. By projecting a positive, motivational program in the arts, any and all participants will gain a sense of structure and discipline in their lives and a real appreciation for the talents and gifts of others. The reciprocal action will be success in whatever they endeavor to pursue.



  • We believe that truth and excellence can be discovered at least as well through the medium of a painting, a symphony, a dance or a play, as it can through the medium of a mathematical equation. We are passionately committed to the discovery of Truth and Excellence Through the Visual and Performing Arts. By holding this belief, it will allow little room for self-centered, social, financial or political motivations. Artistic truth is fiercely impersonal. 


Laity Institute of the Arts, 1989


Our Charter

"Our purpose is to create a sanctuary where all students can express themselves, develop a sense of creativity

and edify their minds."


Our Maxim

Truth and Excellence Through the Visual and Performing Arts

Laity Institute of the Arts Commitment to Equity and Diversity

Laity Institute of the Arts is an equal opportunity employer committed to the core values of equity, diversity, responsiveness, accessibility, equality, inclusion, and fairness. We consider our staff’s wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives to be a critical piece of our organization’s culture.

Thus, we believe an organization’s impact and performance is greatly enhanced when people from different backgrounds and perspectives are engaged in an organization’s activities and decision-making processes.