Laity Educational Arts Program

LEAP® (Laity Educational Arts Program) is a comprehensive and fun program designed to provide a thorough study in the areas of Acting, Art, Animation, Dance*, and Music. Classes are aligned directly to National Core Arts Standards for grades K-8. 


If LEAP® is not in your school and you want it, simply request it! Class sizes range from 5 minimum to 15/20 - student maximum cap per class. Individual schools and/or administrators should call to discuss possible funding options for their students. ​ Schools engaging LEAP® are doing so because the individual monthly cost to parents is cost-prohibitive and the population being served has no other means to experience the visual and performing arts at this level without the school providing the funding for student participation.


LEAP® can service up to 50 - 75 students a week (per school) in either a public or private educational setting after school on a school campus, activity center, and now online.  More students can be served with additional staff if we have a designated room/space to teach.

  • Cost ranges from $100,000 - $150,000 per year (per school) depending
    the classes taught and the number of students served. Costs also cover
    all material fees associated with each course selected and nutrition

  • There must be a minimum enrollment of 50 students per school.

  • Programs run 9.5 months out of the year and 3 hours after school.

  • All service contracts are paid in advance.


To help increase the overall awareness of the visual and performing arts in schools, and the tremendous role they play, Laity has developed LEAP®.  LEAP® is an after-school arts program designed to help augment and support the teaching of the arts during the traditional school day with a comprehensive content-based arts program. To reach this goal, LIA focuses on three key areas:

  • Skills – what the student learns from the instructor

  • Confidence - how the student executes what he/she has learned

  • Motivation – what the student is willing to learn next

LEAP Mission

LIA’s mission is to stimulate the intellectual and artistic minds of students in dance, music, drama, and art through LEAP®. In order to achieve this mission, certain components have been put in place along with the appropriate subject matter, rigor, meaningful content, goals of completion, and measurable objectives. Ongoing assessments are also implemented to accurately measure the skills learned.


LIA has chosen to use the National Core Arts Standards in Art, Media Arts, Dance*, Drama, and Music as a guide to maximizing students’ experience. 

NOTE:  Art, Animation (If school is equipped with a computer lab) Dance, and Drama are taught two times a week on different days for up to 3 hours after school. Music lessons are taught privately. If group music lessons are desired, we can create a class for you, simply inquire. If more than two times a week is required then the budget for services will be amended to reflect that need.

* The Dance program requires a stage or a dedicated room or space. The program is multi-tiered and designed to build a viable dance program at your school or location. A 2-year minimum commitment is required.

A Perfect After-School Program for Schools or communities looking to enrich the lives of students.