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Laity acting students doing a scene.


$100.00 A Month Per Student. (2) 60 min. Acting classes a week. Grades 5 - 9 (Grade 4 by Interview only)

8 classes per month.  Two (2) Showcase recitals per year. Participation in showcases are encouraged but not required.

This program is designed to give as much exploratory freedom to the participants as possible in a structured environment. Because the essence of acting lies in the simultaneous presence of live actors and spectators, it is important to develop both disciplines for the craft as well as spontaneity. It is the decision of the faculty to focus on areas that are basic and elemental to the process which allows beginner or intermediate students to find real value in the program in order to prepare them for opportunities in film, television, or theatre. Classes are divided according to skill and experience as well as age.

If you've ever been interested in your child being on stage or in a film, then this is the perfect opportunity to make it happen. As always, Laity is about teaching excellence so not only will your child have fun but they will learn the art of acting. Don't wait. Register now! Seats for this program will go fast.


Courses Taught:

  • Beginning & Intermediate Acting

  • Acting for Film & Television

  • Scene Study

  • Monologues

  • Character Development

  • Musical Theatre

  • Acting & Audition Techniques


Benefits of LIA's Acting instruction:


  • Improvisation Skills - Our program provides an opportunity for students to hone their improvisation skills.
    Improvisation is the spontaneous response to new and unexpected situations. Life is improvisation.
    We respond in new ways when spontaneous and unexpected things occur to us.

  • Playmaking - In Drama, you will be expected to create plays.  Playmaking is the process of experimenting
    with new roles. Through plays, students can re-examine old rules and challenge society’s values and interpretations.

  • Acting as a Co-operative Process - Students will be asked to participate in group work. This will help them to explore relationships on and off stage. It will help their communication skills and it will help them to make friends.

  • Personal Benefits - Acting helps with building self-confidence, speaking in public, and developing interpersonal skills.

  • Acting Influences our Lives - By studying drama’s impact on their culture they can begin to look more critically at what the media is offering them and they can choose whether or not to accept the messages that it gives. 

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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