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$100.00 A Month Per Student. (2) 60 min. Animation classes a week. Grades 5 - 9

8 classes per month. Two (2) Showcase Exhibits per year. Participation in Exhibits are encouraged but not required.

LIA's Animation program prepares students with foundational in-depth training in the essential techniques of  2D animation first. We start with drawing and character design lessons, along with an introduction to basic anatomy and character design. Once a solid foundation is built, we move on to the other lessons listed below. Laity uses industry-standard software for 2D animation.


Courses Taught:

  • Fundamental of Drawings 

  • Intro to Computer-aided Animation 

  • Digital art mediums  - Environment Design 

  • Storyboarding

  • 2d Character animation

  • Video editing and compositing

  • Intro to 3d - Pre-rigging Manipulation

  • 3d animation - Face Animation


Benefits of LIA's Animation Program:


  • Motor Skills Development

  • Language Development

  • Decision-Making Skills

  • Visual Learning

  • Inventiveness

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Improved Academic Performance

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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