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Laity Recital Ballet


$100.00 A Month Per Student. (2) 60 min. Dance classes a week. Grades 3 - 8 

8 classes per month. Two (2) Showcase recitals per year. Participation in showcases are encouraged but not required.

The LIA dance curriculum is a comprehensive program designed to provide a complete study in dance and is aligned with the National Core Arts Standards for dance grades 3 through 8. 


Courses Available: 

  • Ballet/Tap 1

  • Ballet/Tap  2

  • Modern/Hip Hop 


Benefits of LIA's Dance Program:


  • Development of Motor Skills

  • Increased ability and skill to apply elements of space,
    time and force in producing dance sequences

  • Capacity for centering and shifting body weight and
    tension/release in performing the movement for artistic intent

  • Technical control of body movements

  • Health and cardio strength

  • Promotes self-discipline

  • Boosts self-esteem

  • Performance opportunities

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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