Laity Theatre Company DBA Laity Institute of the Arts

A non-profit private organization founded in 1989, LIA began with the dreams of founders Jim and Delayna Goins. The husband and wife team made a conscious choice to utilize their expertise to serve youth in the Los Angeles area through the development of a comprehensive summer theatre workshop. Always popular and fun-filled, the program eventually grew to also include adults and became known as a company of professionals who served the community through artistic and educational means. Other subjects such as art, animation, dance clinics, and music were added later.

Now a thriving arts organization, LIA continues to specialize in direct, meaningful instruction, and confidence building through the visual and performing arts as supplemental education for children after school. Our teachers help to develop and refine student's social and cultural interactive skills and elevate their artistic consciousness. The outcome is powerful: the student comes to realize their talent and is capable of comprehending their abilities while appreciating the achievements of others.

Our goal since founding LIA has been to give students of all ages and skill levels the chance to explore their creativity through the arts which, in turn, will affect other areas of their lives.  Studies have shown time and time again that kids who study the arts at an early age do better in school, score higher on the SAT/ACT, and generally lead more successful lives.  We make sure all of our instructors have a strong desire to teach others, and the knowledge and know-how to back it up.

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