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 You must read our Policies and agree to the terms, or your child's registration will not be valid.


  1. Tuition is paid in advance for all lessons/classes. Auto-pay is available for all private lessons and group classes. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. We do not accept cash or checks. Auto-debit can be canceled at any time by email or phone call.

    Tuition for the upcoming month is due on the 1st of each month. Our tuition is based on the average number of lessons received within the calendar year. Tuition is the same whether there are 2, 3, 4, or 5 weeks in a month, and refunds will not be given for missed lessons.


  2. Upon deciding to withdraw from lessons, LIA requires the parent/guardian to complete a withdrawal notice 30 days before they stop lessons. 

  3. Tuition is due whether your child attends class or not during a given month unless notice is received 30 days in advance that they will not be attending for a particular month. All charges will be suspended until the student returns. You will be expected to pay full tuition for the month the student is out without advanced notice. Remember, you are paying for your child's seat in a class and/or a scheduled lesson time.



  1. Tuition payments are due on the 1st of each month. If they are not received by the 5th of the month, they are considered late.
    There is a $20 late fee for ALL late tuition payments. The fee increases by $20 weekly until the account is paid in full. If the date set does not reimburse the total bill, the student will not be allowed to attend class. 

    All fees must be paid in full before any recital, art showcase, or performance, or the student cannot participate.



What you are paying us to cultivate in your student(s) concerning their participation.

  • Appreciation - Appreciating the wonder and beauty of the world and its people.

  • Commitment - Being committed to their learning, persevering, and showing self-discipline and responsibility.

  • Confidence - Feeling confident in their learner ability, courage to take risks, apply what they have learned, and make appropriate decisions and choices.

  • Cooperation - Cooperating, collaborating, and leading or following as the situation demands.

  • Creativity - Being creative and imaginative in thinking and approaching problems and dilemmas.

  • Curiosity - Being curious about the nature of learning, the world, its people, and cultures.

  • Empathy - Imagining themselves in another’s situation to understand their reasoning and emotions, as well as being open-minded and reflective about the perspectives of others.

  • Enthusiasm - Enjoying learning and willingly putting effort into the process

  • Independence - Thinking and acting independently, making judgments based on reasoned argument, and being able to defend their decisions.

  • Integrity - Being honest and demonstrating a considered sense of fairness.

  • Respect - Respecting themselves, others, and the world around them.

  • Tolerance - Being sensitive to differences and diversity in the world and being responsive to the needs of others.

If you decide to register your child, please review these Attitudes Rules.



What you are not paying us to deal with from your student concerning their participation.

  1. Disruptive behavior of a hurtful nature WILL NOT BE TOLERATED under ANY circumstances. Your child may be dismissed from the program without warning.

  2. Disrespectful words or deeds to any teacher, adult, or fellow student WILL NOT BE TOLERATED under ANY circumstances. Your child may be dismissed from the program without warning. 


Disruptive & Disrespectful behavior can be defined as the following:

  • Fighting = Immediate dismissal. No Exceptions

  • Talking back to their instructor

  • Bullying other students

  • Touching other students inappropriately

  • Not listening in class during instruction

  • Talking down to another student

  • Taking things without permission

  • Texting or talking* on a cell phone during class - 2 warnings, then dismissal from the program. No Exceptions.

    • * Family emergency exempts this. Students MUST notify the teacher.​


If you decide to register your child, please review these Behavior Rules. (Warnings are given at our discretion.)


NOTE: Laity Institute of the Arts is a private institute that is not associated with any school district. These rules of conduct are the rules of the Institute and, therefore, cannot be negotiated, subjugated, or challenged through any public or private school agency. If you do not think you can, as a parent, respect these attitudes and rules of behavior, or you believe your child cannot abide by them, it might be wise to seek another program alternative.


  1. Upon enrollment, a lesson/class time will be assigned based on available time. Since our teachers are contracted by the lesson time, students must attend all scheduled lessons on time.  Please be sure to choose a time that you can commit to regularly.

  2. If a private music student is 15 minutes late, they will be considered absent, and the teacher will be dismissed.

  3. If the private music teacher has to miss the scheduled lesson, a qualified substitute or a makeup lesson will be provided.

  4. No refunds or make-up lessons will be given for missed or canceled classes less than 24 hours before the scheduled time. (Make-up lessons are at the discretion of the instructor.) You are allowed two emergency cancellations for the year.

  5. If a parent calls 24 hours before their child's scheduled lesson time, they are eligible to schedule a makeup lesson. As a courtesy to the teacher, please contact our office by 5 p.m. the day before you are going to miss a class.

  6. Holding your student out due to financial difficulty does not exempt you from paying tuition. You are required to withdraw them 30 days before they are scheduled to stop formally. You are encouraged to communicate if you have financial difficulty so we can help you. Our accounting system does allow you to make partial payments towards the current month's tuition. However, it must be paid in full before the next tuition billing cycle ends.

  7. Students are to be picked up on time after their lessons/classes. Parents will be charged $20 for every 10 minutes that a teacher or administrator has to wait beyond class time.  Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up on time. Emergencies happen, so as a courtesy, each household is given two (2) emergency cancellations for the year.

  8. Because we serve all children from all academic environments (Charter, Private, and Public), we maintain a policy that parents are to drop their students off at class and allow the teachers to engage with them during instruction free from distractions or of parents seated in or outside their classrooms during the child's activity period. This is a liability issue with significant legal repercussions. No exceptions.

  9. Students 15 minutes late to dance class will have to sit out (unable to participate) until the next lesson.



Withdrawing your child before paying tuition will not alleviate your responsibility to pay your student's tuition; a 30-day written notice is required. Please see II. Attendance: #6 above. If your account becomes 30 days past due, we will refer the account to collections. In this event, the student becomes inactive and cannot be seen for lessons. In addition, all charges will be forwarded to collections, and a 50% collections fee will be assessed.


We are dedicated to providing excellence in the arts to your child, and we expect the same commitment regarding fiscal responsibility for students' education from their parents. You are encouraged to communicate if you have financial difficulty so we can help you.



Tuition and material/production fees are Non-Refundable. Notification to withdraw from a class must be received in writing by LIA 30 days in advance to stop tuition payment for the following month. No exceptions. Full refunds will be granted only if no classes have been taken or the Institute cancels a class. A refund will be refunded by credit/debit card in the name of the parent/guardian who registered the student. Refunds take approximately 10 -15 days to appear on your statement and sometimes sooner.




LIA is open nine months yearly and follows the Palmdale School District schedule of major holiday closings (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break, and National Holidays). We will be open on minimum days but closed on pupil-free days.


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